OPA/AL/VC Tropical-type blister aluminum
It can be applied in capsules, tablets and other aluminum plastic aluminum blister packaging.
OPA/AL/PVC Stamping cold hard piece of solid medicinal compound
Independent for each blister, high barrier against moisture, oxygen, other gases, light and UV rays.
OP/AL/PP Suppository compound aluminum foil
Smooth, easy to tear, good forming performance, particularly suitable for temperature-sensitive packaging suppository.
Pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil
Outstanding mechanical performance, anti-corrosion is appropriate for all kinds of weather conditions and environment, suitable for packing at high speed automatically.
Pharmaceutical packaging composite film
? With extensiveness and compressive strength, and the performance of heat-sealing at low temperature, especially applied to those drugs which can’t be packed at high temperature.
Aluminum/polyethylene composite film for packaging medicines
Good properties to resist vapor, all kinds of gases and lights.
Pharmaceutical packaging composite film
? Good barrier properties to resist Water vapor, light, all gas.
Heated foil
It can be applied to car cushion heating, the refrigerator heating defrosting system and high-grade sanitary wares heating.

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